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Getting Married

Whether or not you are a regular church goer, getting married in Church can  give you an opportunity to commit your life to your partner, not only in the presence of your friends and family, but also in the presence of God. This is perhaps why many thousands of people every year still choose to Get married in a Church. Below are the answers to some questions you may be asking. If you have any other questions about getting married in either the Church of St Peter and St Paul, West Clandon or in the Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, East Clandon, please do get in touch. We are here to help you with the planning of your wedding and would love to talk.

Can I get married in Church?2022-08-16T12:57:48+01:00

Anyone living in East or West Clandon, or who has a qualifying connection to our parishes is legally entitled to get married in their church. If you do not live in the villages or worship at the churches, getting married here might still be possible, and we would love to help you explore ways that you can make this happen. Please click the button below and fill out the form to see whether getting married in one of our churches might be an option for you.

Can I get married on any date?2022-08-16T12:59:47+01:00

There is a lot to think about when you are getting married, and it can be easy to leave the booking of the church until everything else has been settled. Whilst you may be entitled to marry in church, the precise date of your wedding needs to be negotiated with the parish priest and will depend on other commitments in the church diary. We strongly advise that you check with us that your preferred wedding date is free as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. You can easily get in touch by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and filling in the wedding enquiry form.

How much does it cost?2022-08-16T13:05:43+01:00

There is a required legal fee for any wedding taking place in the Church of England in 2022 of £512. This includes the fee for the minister, the church, the publication of your banns (notice of intention to marry) in our church.

If you don’t live in East or West Clandon, you will also need to contact your parish churches (click here to find out which church is your parish church) and arrange for your banns to be read there, there is an additional charge of £48 for the publication of banns in your parish church.

The statutory fees for our churches do not include optional extras that you might want to consider:

  • Parish Clerk (who prepares the registers, tells bell ringers when to ring, tidies away orders of service etc. and helps the day go smoothly) – £45
  • Organist (without music the wedding might seem a bit glum) – £115
  • Choir (to help boost singing and to provide music during the signing of the registers) – £300
  • Bell Ringers – £200
  • If you wish to have an audio or video recording of your wedding you will need to pay the organist an extra £57.50 and the choir and extra £150.

In total all of these ‘extras’ would cost £660 (£867.50 if being recorded).

Can I still marry in church if I have been divorced? 2022-08-16T16:03:01+01:00

The Church of England believes that marriage is a bond made for life. We understand though that some marriages come to an end for all sorts of reasons. In most circumstances our Church will be able marry in church again if you have been married before.

If you have been married before and would like a church wedding you will need to arrange to speak to the parish priest to talk about your hopes for the future and to discuss whether a church wedding is appropriate in your circumstances.

You can get in touch by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and filling in the wedding enquiry form.

We had a civil ceremony. Can we have a blessing at Church?2022-08-16T16:01:10+01:00

If you have been married in a civil service and would like to receive God’s blessing on your marriage we would be happy to talk to you about how this might work. Please click the link at the bottom of this page and fill in the wedding enquiry form to get in touch and find out what might be possible.

We are a same-sex couple. Can we get married at your church?2022-08-23T13:03:37+01:00

Whilst new legislation has allowed same-sex couples to marry the Church of England does not allow same-sex couples to marry in church. It is with sincere regret that we are not legally allowed to offer a marriage service to same-sex couples.

Wherever you marry, you are loved and accepted by God and your marriage is something we want to celebrate with you. Your church will always be there for you and we would be happy to talk about arranging a suitable service with you in church to celebrate your marriage.

Please do get in touch with us by clicking the link at the bottom of this page and filling in the form to find out what might work for you.

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