The sacrament of confirmation is an important step on the Christian journey. It marks the point where you make a definite commitment to the Christian faith. The commitment you make in this sacrament is confirmed by the church when a bishop places their hands on your head and prays for the Holy Spirit to be with you and to enable you to live the Christian life.

If you are an adult or a teenager and want to be confirmed (or baptised and confirmed if you weren’t baptised as a child), we provide a special course of preparation helping you to understand Christianity better and to explore your own faith. By the end of the course you will have had an opportunity to think about Christian belief, your membership of the church and participation in the sacraments, about what it means to live the Christian life, and will have had a chance to explore different ways of praying.

This course of preparation is also available for anyone who wants to refresh or deepen their knowledge of the Christian faith or who wishes publicly to re-affirm the faith into which they were baptised.

If you would like to explore the sacrament of confirmation, please contact the parish office on 01483 697357 or click the button below.