Have you ever wanted to know that you are forgiven? All Christians are taught to pray ‘forgive us our sins (or our trespasses)’, and all of us will be conscious of things we have thought, or said, or done, that we shouldn’t have done, or of things that we ought to have done but have failed to do. We all have troubled consciences to a greater or lesser extent, and it can be hard to move on from the past. The sacrament of Reconciliation (or confession as it is commonly known), is a gift, given to us by Jesus Christ, to help us know God’s forgiveness, and to move on with our lives, seeking to love God more fully, and our neighbour as ourselves.

When we make a confession to a priest, we give voice to the things we have done wrong.  We are given advice and a penance (a short act of thanksgiving for the grace received in the sacrament, which you should complete afterwards). At the end of confession the priest pronounces absolution, a declaration in the name of Jesus himself that we are forgiven our sins. Absolution lets us know for sure that that those things on our conscience are put away for ever; that God truly forgives us.

Often people are nervous about making their confession, but the sacrament is a place of healing, not judgement. The priest may never speak about what you have said in the sacrament – even to you – afterwards.

Our Rector, Barnaby, is happy to offer this sacrament to any who might be interested in receiving it, to talk about how this sacrament might help you, how to go about making your confession if you have never done it before, and whether you would like to make confession part of your life.

Please get in touch with him on 01483 222 573 if you would like to make an appointment to meet.