At the Clandon Churches we are work very hard to make sure that our churches are safe spaces for everyone and to ensure the care, well-being, and protection of all our children and vulnerable adults. We have  Parish Safeguarding Officers a Parish Safeguarding Policy which is reviewed annually by our Church Councils. In addition all those who work with children and vulnerable adults have gone through an extensive recruitment process to ensure that they safe to carry out their work. We adhere diligently to diocesan and national safeguarding guidelines and our Church Councils have adopted the Diocese of Guildford safeguarding policy which can be found here.

If you have any concerns about how a child or vulnerable adult is being treated in church, or by a Christian minister, you can get in touch with our the safeguarding officers for our two parishes:

Sarah Dudgeon on 01483 225 399 (e-mail:


Louise Tyrrell on 01483 479 333 (e-mail:

Or contact the Diocese of Guildford safeguarding advisor, Jackie Broadfoot

07918 559387 (e-mail:

Past Cases Review:

The Diocese of Guildford is currently reviewing all of its safeguarding records and would like to hear from anyone who is a victim of church related abuse. You can read an article about this here