Oremus Spirituality Workshop

“God has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart”
(Ecclesiasties 3.11)

We are all spiritual beings. We know that there must be something deeper to life than the daily round of work and rest, but we often struggle to find space to explore how spiritual practices can help us centre our lives, find peace and deeper meaning.

Our Oremus spirituality workshops seek to do just that. We run them twice a year and to help provide a space where spirituality can be explored, and where we can find spiritual nourishment.

The Oremus spirituality workshops are not just for Christians. While the workshops are rooted in the Christian tradition, we believe it is important to remember that because we are all spiritual many people want to deepen their spirituality but don’t necessarily identify with a particular religion. There are spiritual riches to be found throughout the human family and their experience of God.

If you are interested in our Oremus spirituality workshops please get in touch, or click the button below for details for the our upcoming spirituality workshops.