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Welcome to the Clandon Churches. We are delighted that you are considering coming to one of our services.

You may not have  come to church for a while, you may be completely new to church and are just looking for a place to belong, or for a bit of peace and hope in your life. Whoever you are, whatever your background, you will find a warm welcome in the Clandon Churches.

If you have children they will be very warmly welcomed too!

If you’ve got questions about coming to church you might find an answer below.

If you don’t quite feel ready for coming to church but would still like to find out more about how Christianity can make a difference to your life, why not think about attending our next Hope Explored course.

If you are thinking of attending a service and have any questions at all (there really are no silly questions!) please do get in touch with us by calling 01483 697357 or by emailing info@clandon-churches.org You might find some answers to questions below.

We are really looking forward to meeting you soon!

What should I expect when I come to a service?2022-09-21T23:34:48+01:00

First of all, you will receive a very warm welcome from a member of the Welcome Team. They will be able to give you any books you need for the service, let you know about our children’s activities, show you to a seat if you aren’t sure where to sit and answer any questions you have.

Every 10.30am service is either a family friendly All Age Eucharist, or has special children’s activities. You and your children will be welcomed, accepted, and cared for.

We are a Church of England Church in the Central Catholic tradition (though Christians from many different traditions worship with us and we try to provide something for everyone!) This means that most of our services involve a celebration of Holy Communion (also known as The Eucharist, Lord’s Supper, or the Mass).

Celebrating Holy Communion is at the centre of our life as a church as it is the place where we encounter Jesus and are nourished with his life.  All are welcome to receive God’s gift of life offered to us in Holy Communion, but we understand that when it comes to receiving Communion, some may prefer to either stay in their seat or receive a blessing. However you feel, you will be under no pressure to receive Communion if you don’t want to, neither will you be turned away if you want to receive Holy Communion.

After our 10.30am service there is an opportunity to have a tea, coffee or juice (and biscuits). This is a great opportunity to meet some new people and make new friends.

Which services are child friendly?2022-09-23T18:45:11+01:00

Children are some of the most cherished members of our church. We have a number of families who are part of our churches and we love having children join us for worship. The definitely don’t have to be quiet all the time, or stifle their youthful wriggles. We are just delighted to have them in church just as they are. You and your children will never get in the way, distract people, or be ‘shushed’ in our churches!

Every 10.30am service is either a child friendly All Age Eucharist, or has dedicated children’s activities led by our excellent Sunday Club team.

If you want to find out more about what’s on for children in our churches do get in touch with our children’s work coordinator, Tessa.

Is there a dress code?2022-08-23T13:07:28+01:00

No, we don’t have a dress code. Just come, be yourself and wear whatever is comfortable.

Do you take a collection in the service?2022-07-18T10:00:26+01:00

We do take a collection in our services. The collection is primarily intended for committed members of the church to support their church financially. We don’t expect visitors to give money. We would just be happy to have you with us.

Do I have to join in?2022-08-23T13:06:06+01:00

You don’t have to join in – We are just happy to welcome you to church, and for you to engage with the service in whichever way you feel comfortable, whether that means joining in or simply observing from a distance.

I am part of the LGBTQI+ community – will I be welcomed at your church?2022-08-23T13:32:36+01:00

Our churches are inclusive churches. We are part of the Inclusive Church network and we seek to be churches where everyone can belong and not just fit in.

Whoever you are, you will find in our churches a safe place to explore your faith, be part of a loving, inclusive community where your life will be celebrated rather than tolerated.

In short, yes! You will be welcomed, loved, accepted, and included in our church.

I have a question about coming to church, who can I contact?2022-08-23T13:29:56+01:00

If you have any more questions you can leave a message on 01483 697357, or alternatively you could fill out the contact form here.

Where should I park?2022-10-06T23:21:13+01:00
West Clandon church

West Clandon Church has a small carpark opposite the church where you are welcome to park. We also have an arrangement with Clandon Park National Trust to use their carpark on Sunday mornings. This is probably the best place to park.

East Clandon Church

East Clandon Church has no car park but we do have an arrangement with the Queen’s Head pub who kindly allow those coming to services on Sunday mornings to use their car park.

I would like to stay in touch2023-09-21T15:42:14+01:00

We’re delighted that you would like to stay in touch. Signing up for our newsletter is a great way to get regular updates about church services, events, and activities. We send an email newsletter every Friday with details of what is happening over the weekend and in the week ahead.

Signing up online is incredibly easy, just click the button below, fill out the details follow the instructions.

If you would prefer, when you visit church you can fill in one of our contact cards and give it to one of the Welcomers at the door. We’ll make sure you are added to the mailing list.

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