Arranging the funeral of a loved one can be very difficult.  If you have recently lost someone you love, please be assured that your church is here for you, to help you to honour the memory of your loved one, particularly offering guidance and support as you plan for their funeral.

All residents of East and West Clandon are entitled to have their funeral at their parish church, but if you have a connection with our villages and you or your loved one would have liked their funeral to be in one of our churches please do get in touch. Even if you have no connection with our churches or villages but simply feel that one of the Clandon churches would be the right place for your loved one’s funeral, please do contact us. We really want to find ways to support you.

Enquiries about the specific details of a funeral are usually made through a funeral director, but if you would like to speak to a priest, please contact our Rector, Barnaby on 01483 222 573.

If you would like us to remember you and a loved one who has died, but would rather not contact us by telephone, please click below to fill in a contact form and we will remember you and your loved on in our prayers.