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Have you ever wanted to know that you are forgiven? All Christians are taught to pray ‘forgive us our sins (or our trespasses)’, and all of us will be conscious of things we have thought, or said, or done, that we shouldn’t have done, or of things that we ought to have done but have failed read on

First Holy Communion

Do your children wonder why grown-ups can receive communion by they can’t? With just a little preparation, our parishes are allowed to admit baptised children to receive Holy Communion before they have been confirmed.  The preparation is quite good fun, and will help children understand a bit more about Communion. If your child would like to read on


The sacrament of confirmation is an important step on the Christian journey. It marks the point where you make a definite commitment to the christian faith, and to living as a follower of Jesus Christ. The commitment you make in this sacrament is confirmed by the church when the bishop places his/her hands on your head read on

Who is Jesus?

Jesus stands at the heart of the Christian faith. He has fascinated, strengthened and drawn people to follow him for two thousand years, and people continue to be drawn to him today. Christians believe that Jesus isn’t just a good man, a brilliant teacher of noble truths or a powerful healer, but that in him read on

Puzzling Questions

Every year we provide an opportunity for people to ask questions about Christianity. Puzzling Questions takes place over four weeks, and gives you an opportunity to explore some of life’s deeper questions. During Puzzling Questions, you will have space to reflect on some of life’s deepest conundrums, and to talk about your thoughts with others. Questions covered on the course read on


Can I get my child christened? read on