The Parish Church Council is the executive committee of a church, which exists to promote within its parish the whole mission of the Church. We want our PCCs to be responsive and accountable to its community (the church) and this page is a place where you can find out who our PCC members are, and what has been happening on our PCCs.

Minutes of the last PCC meeting – East/West

Approved minutes of the last PCC meeting can be found by clicking the following links

East Clandon PCC Minutes

West Clandon PCC Minutes

If you have a view that you would like the PCC to consider, you can contact us, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Members of East Clandon PCC

Rev. Barnaby Perkins (Chair)

Jane Thorold (Churchwarden)

Bruce Tyndale (Churchwarden)

Louise Herbert (Secretary)

Adrian Thomson (Treasurer)

James Culmer

Ann Randall

Carole Pullen

John Evans

John Leader

Sarah Dudgeon

Gill Beaton (Deanery Synod Representative)


Members of West Clandon PCC

Rev. Barnaby Perkins (Chair)

Hugh Shanks (Churchwarden)

Helen Meredith (Churchwarden)

Ingrid Molossi (Secretary)

Alison Hague (Treasurer)

Helen Shanks (LLM)

Dianne Woodhouse (Safeguarding Officer, East and West Clandon)

Anne Lee (Deanery Synod Representative)

Ann Lazenby (Deanery Synod Representative)

Nigel Bushnell

Theo Wallace

Adam Tyrrell

William Dick

Nigel Garbutt


PCC Admin Area

The following pages link to the PCC admin area and are password protected

West Clandon PCC admin area

East Clandon PCC admin area


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